Experience the Samian hospitality at its best by taking part in one of the many Religious Festivals and Cultural Events that happen on the Island of Samos.  For all there are events and festivals that happen on Samos throughout the year, the majority of them take place in July and August.   On the days of religious festivals a traditional dish called ‘Gioti’ is served to the locals and to the visitors.  Giorti is a savoury dish made with wheat and goat meat, it takes all night to cook and is traditionally stirred with the oar from a boat.


17th July - The feast of Agia Marina, Vourliotes
15 August  - The feast in honour of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Vathi / most villages across the island
26-27 July - The Feast of Agia Paraskevi, Hora
8 September - the birth of Virgin Mary, Monastery of Panagia Vrondiani


Location: Pythagorio

Date: 5 August

A festival held to celebrate the anniversary of the Sea Battle of Mikali that took place between the Samians and the Ottomans on the 5th August 1824 during the Greek War of Independence.  The Samians used ‘fireships’ (ships deliberately set on fire and sailed into the enemy fleet) to defeat the Ottoman invasion.  In the evening of the festival a symbolic ‘fireship’ is set alight in the harbour of Pythagorio.


Location: Ireon

Date: Beginning of August

The Ireon Music festival started in 2003 and has become one of the biggest music festivals in Greece.  Local, National and International bands play Rock/Pop/Electro and Reggae throughout this 3 day event.
Visit http://www.ireon-music-festival-samos.gr/ for more information.


Location: Samos Town

Date: End of July / Beginning of August

The wine festival takes place every summer, starting off in the small villages around the island and ending up in Samos town with wine tasting, music and performances.  Buy a souvenir cup and fill it as many times as you like.   The dates for the festival vary from year to year and trying to find a date on the internet is impossible.  To find out more contact the UNION OF VINICULTURAL COOPERATIVES OF SAMOS (EOSS) by visiting their website http://www.samoswine.gr


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